Yoron is the Southern most island of Kagoshima. Yoron is a small tropical island with a circumference of 23.65km and is only 20km north of Okinawa island. The island has no mountains or rivers and is mostly flat, with the highest point being only 97.08m above sea level. Colorful flowers bloom all over the island and an ocean of coral reef and emerald green colored sea surrounds the island. Yoron is blessed with a subtropical climate and an average temperature of 23 c. On Yoron, you can enjoy marine sports such as board sailing, windsurfing, diving and swimming. The most famous spot in Yoron is "Yurigahama", a white sandbar that appers 1.5km off the eastern shore at low tide. You can reach Yurigahama from Ohkaneku beach by glass boat. You can also visit The Southern Cross Center Museum, Minzokumura (old-style village) and Yunnu Rakuen Botanical Gardens.
Yoron is influenced by Okinawan culture, language and lifestyle.
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