1 Major Works 2 Major Translation 3 Major Pamphlets and editorial by Louis Adamic 4 Legacy 5 Common Council for American Unity


yMajor Worksz

@Yugoslav Proverbs.Ten Cent Pocket Series No.380.Girard,Kansas:Haldeman-Julius,1923.

Trans.Yerney'Justice by Ivan Cankar.New York : Vanguard Press,1926.

Robinson Jeffers:A Portrait.

Seattle :University of Washington Book Store,1929. rep,Arden Library,1978. covelo,California:the Yolla Bolly Press,1983.Foreword by one of Jeffers'twin sons,Garth Jeffers.

Dynamite : The Story of Class Violence in America.

New York:Viking,1931;London: Cape,1931;revised edition,New York:Viking,1934. rep.Massachusetts:Peter Smith,1960,1963. ;Cherry Pie Series.New York and London:Chelsea House Publishers,1969.Left BankPress,1984.

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The Native's Return : An American Immigrant Visits Yugoslavia and Discovers His Old Country. New York • London : Harper,1934. ;London : Victor Gollanz,1934.Book-of-the Month Club selection for February,1934.;rep.Harper's Modern Classics edition.; Armed Service Edition B-54.1944.;Greenwood Press,1975.

Trans& Preface.Struggle,byga young communisth[Edvard Kardelj].Los Angeles : ArthurWhipple,1934.

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The House in Antigua:A Restoration.New York and London:Harper, 1937 ;London:Gollanz,1938.

My America : 1928-38. New York and London : Harper,1938.;London : Hamish Hamilton,1938.

rep.DaCapo Press,1976.

From Many Lands. New York and London : Harper,1940.

Two-Way Passage. New York and London : Harper,1941.

What's Your Name? New York and London : Harper,1942.

My Naive Land. New York and London : Harper,1943. ; Book Find Club,1943.

Trans.Testament of a Dying Partisan,New York:United Committee of South Slavic-Americans,ca.1943.

A Nation of Nations. New York and London : Harper,1945.

Dinner at the White House. New York and London : Harper,1946.

The Eagle and the Roots. New York : Doubleday,1952.rep.1972.Greenwood.



yMajor Translationz

@Dynamite : The Story of Class Violence in America.1931.

Dinamit, Trans.Dr.Branko Kojic.Zagreb:Binoza,1933.

Dynamite, Trans.Rossella Rossini.Milano:Collecttivo Editoriale Librirossi,1977.

Dinamit, Trans• edited by Mirko Jurak,Janez Stanonik,Joza Vilfan,1983.

@Laughing in the Jungle:The Autobiography of an Immigrant in America.1932.

Smeh v dzungli, Trans.Stanko Leben.Ljubljana:Tiskovna.zadruga,1933.

Smijeh u dzungli, Trans.Branko Kojic.Zagreb:gBinoza,h1933. rpt.1952,in Cyrillic.

Smeh v dzungli, Trans • edited by Mirko Jurak,Janez Stanonik,Joza Vilfan,1983.

Un Rire Dans La Jungle,Trans.Alice P.Pouilloux.

The Native's Return : An American Immigrant Visits Yugoslavia and Discovers His Old


Hemkomsten:En Emigrant Upptacker Sitt Gamla Fosterland.. Trans,Valdemar Georg

Langlet.Stockholm:Bokförlaget Natur Och Kultur,1934.

Vrnitev v rodni Kraj. Trans,Mira Mihelic.Ljubljana:Cankarjeva zalozba,1962.

Moja rojstna dezala ,Trans • edited by Mirko Jurak,Janez Stanonik,Joza Vilfan,1983.

Wagasokoku yuugoslavia no hitobito Trans,Shozo Tahara.PMC publisher in Tokyo,1990.


Boj :prevedel iz slovenscine in predgovor napisal Louis Adamic.Trans.Joze Stabej.

Introd.Ivan Brayko.Ljubljana:Drzavna Zalozba Slovenije,1969.Photographs .

Grandsons : A Story of American Lives., 1935.

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Lucas,King of the Balucas.1935.

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From Many Lands. 1939,40.

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Aires:Editorial Claridad,1942.

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The Eagle and the Roots.1951.

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1970.Introduction by Ivan Bratko.rpt.ed.,Henry A.Christian ; trans.,Jerneja Petric (ljubljana:Cankarjeva Zalozha,1981).



y Major Pamphlets and editorial by Louis Adamicz

@America and the Refugee.Public Affairs Pamphlets No.29.New York:Public Affairs

Committee,Inc.,February,1939.Revised edition,October,1939.Third revised edition,May 1940.

This Crisis Is an Opportunity.New York:Common Council for American Unity,1941.

On Unity and Uniformity.Cleveland:The Cleveland Council for American Unity,1941.

Wanted:An Approach to the Postwar Problem.Central and Eastern Planning Board, New York.

Pamphlet series No.4.New York:gNew Europe,h1943.

With George F.Addes.Foreign-Born Americans and the War.New York American Connitee for protection of the Foreign Born,1943.

1944cCrucial Year:The Need ofgDynamichUnity in the Immigrant Groups.New York:United Committee of South-Slavic Americans,1944.

The Yugoslav Problem Is Also an American Problem:Louis Adamic Answers the Pittsburgh Press. New York:United Committee of South-Slavic Americans,1944.

America and Trieste:God and the Russians:A Letter to the Honorable James F.Byrner,

Secretary of State. New York:United Committee of South-Slavic Americans,1946.

Et al.Facts You Should know About California.Little Book No.752.Girard,Kansas:

Haldeman-Julius,1928.gThe Bright Side of Los AngeleshgPaganism in Los Angeleshby Adamic.

Et al Sincerely Yours:A Correspondence.New York: Reprinted edition as a supplement to the journal Yugoslavia,Vol.1,December 15,1942

Et al The Battle for the Balkans.New York:United Committee of South-Slavic Americans,1943.Reprinted from Free World.

Ed.,and with Winston Churchill,Sergeant Walter Bernstein,Frank Gervasi,Stoyan Pribichevich.Marshal Tito and His Gallant Bands.New York: United Committee of South-Slavic Americans,1944.

Ed.Slzberger,C.L.Tito's Yugoslav Partisan Movement.New York: United Committee of South-Slavic Americans,1944.Preface by Adamic,p3.

Ed.Tito,J.B.,Dr.Josip Smodlaka,and Fran Barbalich.Yugoslavia and Italy.New York:United Committee of South-Slavic Americans,1944.Foreword by Adamic,p.3.

Ed.Liberation.Death to Fascism! Liberty to the People! Picture Story of the Yugoslav People'sEpic Struggle Against the Enemy|To Win Unity and a Decent Future,1941-1945. New York: United Committee of South-Slavic Americans,1944.

Ed.The Peoples of America Series.Philadelphia:Lippincott,1947-1950.





Louis Adamic's books were standards fare for literate Americans and Yugoslavs for several decades and then abruptly,in the United States at least,read little after his death.This neglect in the United States was partly caused by the McCarthyism of the early 1950s.Adamic was dismissed as a lightweight popularizer,if not a gRedh propagandist.In recent years,however,interest in the man and his work has been quietly growing in both the United States and Yugoslavia.

Adamic is of interest today for many reasons.Students of history,literature,and public policy on both sides of the Atlantic are finding Adamic an important figure.Much current U.S.historical research into the 1930s and 1940s investigates the influence of ethnicity on politics and culture.More often than not,Adamic is found at the junctures of this influence.He has been rediscovered as a pioneer writer and patron of American ethnic literature; meanwhile,in Yugoslavia his reputation cotinures to grow as a major force in modern Slovenian letters.His role as mediator between gold-stockh and ethnic cultures in the United States as well as between the United States and Yugoslavia,is intriguing.Adamicfs efforts as an ethnic leader and intellectual to influence both American and Yugoslav public policy also are arresting.

In the United States,Adamic has received attention mostly as an early prophet of the pluralistic America celebrated in the current ethnic revival.The ethnic movement of our time has a short memory.The editors of The Harvard Encyclopedia of AMERICAN Ethnic Groups (1981),for example,acknowledged that they were well along with their work before discovering that Adamic had proposed a similar project in My America (1938).

In Yugoslavia,Adamic holds similar contemporary significance.There he is honored as an early friend and read as an outside witness to the creation of the New Yugoslavia,which is now moving into a post-Tito era.A measure of his reputation in his homeland is the recent publication of a large collection of his correspondence,the republication of The Eagle and the Roots,and the projected reprinting of most of his works with new scholarly introductions.

SPECTRUM, gLouis Adamic :His Life, Work,and LegacyhImmigration History Research Center-University of Minnesota (vol 4,No1,2 Fall 1982);


yCommon Council for American Unity 1940z
From Many Lands by Louis Adamic--

  1. To help create among the American people the unity and mutual understanding resulting from a common citizenship,a common belief in democracy and the ideals of liberty,the placing of the common good before the interests of any group,and the acceptance,in fact as well as in law,of all citizens,whatever their national or racial origins,as equal partners in American society.
  2. To further an appreciation of what each group has contributed to America,to uphold the freedom to be different,and to encourage the growth of an American culture which will be truly representative of all the elements that make up the American people.
  3. To overcome intolerance and discrimination because of foreign birth or descent,race or nationality.
  4. To help the foreign born and their children solve their special problems of adjustment,know and value their particular cultural heritage, and share fully and constructively in American life.


  1. Assembling as complete information as possible about our different racial and nationality groups,their backgrounds,contributions,problems,and activities and about interracial and intercultural problems in general,including among other things:
    a. Stimuration of these and research in this field by students in social science departments of
    our universities and others.
    b. Co-operation with foreign-language groups and especially with foreign-language historical
    c. Establishment of archives for original manuscripts,letters,scrapbooks,newspapers or other
    records of historical importance.
    d. Field studies.
  2. Dissemination of such information and material through such means as:
    a. Magazine devoted to these subjects and problems.
    b. Stimulation of articles in other publications.
    c. Information service to English-language press.
    d. Center of information for answering individual inquiries.
    e. Publication of suitable pamphlets.
    f. Exhibits of what each group has contributed to American life and culture.
    g. Bookshop for distribution of books and materials on these subjects.
  3. Speaker's Bureau.
  4. Educational work on radio.
  5. Work with school.
    a. Publication of pamphlets,bibliographies and other material suitable for school use.
    b. Working our programs and suggestions for schools and teachers.
  6. Work in motion-picture field.
  7. Close co-operation with appropriate government department and officials.
  8. Legislative work against unfair and discriminatory proposals and for constructive measures,through appearance at Congressional hearings,education of public opinion,public meetings,etc.
  9. Study of interracial intolerance in English and foreign-language press,on platform and radio,and reply thereto by such means as:
    a.Press releases.
    b.Getting people to answer-by way of "instant rejoinder"-attacks and misinformation in local editorials,letters to the editor,etc.
    c.Arranging for radio time to answer attacks on radio.
  10. Development of local discussion groups consisting of persons of various background.
  11. Educational releases to foreign-language press.
  12. Educational work on foreign-language radio hours.
  13. Work with immigrant organizations to promote education,suitable programs for second generation,community contacts,etc.,through such means as personal conferences,attending conventions,newsletters,development of discussion programs for local branches,etc.
  14. Co-operation with social,educationl,patriotic and other agencies,working,or interested in this field.
    a. Technical information on naturalization,immigration,and other questions necessary in
    advising foreign born.
    b. Program and personnel information.
  15. Annual national conference,for common counsel,co-operation and exchange of ideas,of foreign-language editors and organization officials,and all others working in this field or interested in ethnic and interracial problems.
  16. Personal service bureau,to advise and assist the foreign born,particularly those not within reach of competent local agencies,in solving their individual immigration,naturalization and adjustment problems.
  17. Publication of naturalization pamphlet,handbook for newcomers and other literature designed to facilitate citizenship and adjustment.
  18. Encouragement of the folk arts and other potential contributions and the promotion of opportunities for instruction and participation.
  19. Essay and other contests,especially for young people of foreign parentege,designed to stimulate interest in and appreciation of their particular cultural heritage.
  20. A further revision of American history textbooks to give adequate recognition and space to the newer strains in our population.
  21. An ethnic and racial encyclopedia or handbook of the American people.

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