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8 November,1996


Dear Mr.Tahara,

Well,as the dates show,I haven't been very quick to work my plan to send December greetings early;but of course my medical treatments have taken so very much of my time and yet I should not complain because before they began most physicians believed I would not live until Chrismas.Now it looks I shall see at least a few more months.
But to get to important matters.You cannot know how very much I appreciate all your Adamic work and all your translations of my work.And I do understand the effort and frustration of it all.Yet all that work and Louis'books cannot go hidden from the world.I understand there is financial difficulty,and I must explain two matters:Mr.Rogelj died long ago,and the Louis Adamic Foundation was set up by Mr.Rogelj only to pay Mrs.Adamic so the Adamic papers could be sold to Princeton University.So there is no money there!
But I need to know just how much money you are talking about when you mention funding.Are you saying the publishers would do a book if there was a subsidy? Here is what I want you to do. If financial aid to the publisher will allow a book to appear,choose the book you want and go to a publisher--I think Laughing in the Jungle might be the best choice,and I can send an introduction--or perhaps the Collection or certainly Grandsons,for which I can send an introduction tomorrow.
Find out how much the publisher will need to bring out the book and write me at once telling me the amount in yen and in dollars at the current rate.It may just be possible for me to help out in this money matter,depending of course on just how much money the matter will require.
So do that and keep hope,and I shall keep here trying to live as long as I can. So do not delay about this,Shozo but do no be foolish.
I end now,sending my best wishes and very greatest thanks for all you have done. 



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Shouzou Tahara (Japan)
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