Letters from Dr. France Adamic (Louis' brother)


Ljubljana, Yugoslavia



Dear Mr. Shozo Tahara,

   I have received three books with essays and notes from the works of Louis Adamic. I confirmed that I had received them with a card you sent to, and then a couple of days ago I received your letter of November 29th 1984. Thank you for your letter and your endeavours to know America from the works and life of my brother Louis. We certainly are and shall be proud if in future years translations of Louis' works will be published in Japanese as well as a result of your work.. On this occasion I thank you for studying, translating and publishing extracts from Adamic's book "The Native's return, etc.

   The authour' s copright belongs to Louis' brothers and sisters. I am their representative, and I am represented with full legal rights by Jugoslovanska svtorska agencija za Slovenijo, Titova 21/1, 61001 Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. Your publisher should apply to this agency for copyright, as it represents Yugoslav interests.

   I should very much like to hear a further report on your dissertation and promotion and about the continuation of your work. Thank you also for the photograph taken in front of the Louis Adamic Memorial Room. I wish you a happy and successful year in 1985.

    With kind greetings,


   France Adamic



Dear Mr. Shozo Tahara!

  The best Wishes for a Happy New Year and cordially greetings!

  I received The Magazine PAN with translation of The Novel A young American With a Japanese Face. Next day I got the letter from Mr. Kazuhisa IMAI. He said that you are working with more Adamic's work.

  In the name of Adamic's Family I thank you very much I am grateful for your effort and I am glad, that Mr. Shozo decided to translation Adamic's works!

  We shall see again!


 Firs of January 1990


Olga and France Adamic



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