Support Program

Research Grant for Overseas Students

In order to support the research activities of overseas students studying in Kagoshima, the association grants a subsidy for attending academic conferences, etc. Overseas students mentioned here are those whose status of residence conforms to Article 2-2, Paragraph 2 of the Immigration Control Act, and are qualified as a student, graduate student or research student enrolled in a university, a junior college or Kagoshima National College of Technology in Kagoshima Prefecture.


(1) Registered residency within Kagoshima Prefecture.
(2) Not being on a scholarship of any sort, or being on scholarship but the amount of monthly grant is less than ¥100,000.
(3) A high achiever with an outgoing personality who is able to obtain a letter of reference from the head teacher.
(4) Contributes, or is willing to contribute, to international exchange with citizens in Kagoshima
(5) Has not been granted this subsidy before

Applicable Activities

Travelling costs and attendance fees for academic conferences, or to acquire resources for the field in which you major in.

Amount of Grant

The amount is decided by the director general in accordance with the limits of the budget for research activities, which should not exceed ¥30,000.

How to Apply

Applications are required to be submitted through your university one month prior to your research activity. A photocopy of both sides of your alien registration card must be enclosed with the application.

Announcement of Grant

After consultation, if it is decided that a grant will be offered, the association will inform the applicant's university.

Cancellation of Grant

If a recipient of a grant is found to fall into one of the following categories, the grant will be repealed. In the case that the grant had already been paid, the recipient is requested to return the grant.

(1) When the recipient looses eligibility
(2) The recipient is suspended or dismissed from university.
(3) When the recipient is found to have given false information at the time of application.


Those who were granted the research grant are obliged to submit a report on the achievement of the related research activity to the director general of the association by the end of March (by the end of the fiscal year)

Inquiries & Application

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