Support Program

Securing Residence for Overseas Students

Applications have closed on 31 March 2016. Please inquire at your University's International Student Center for assistance.
The association facilitates in the securing of accommodation for overseas students by acting as a co-signer at the time of initial rental.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must meet all the requirements listed below.

(1) You must be qualified as a student, graduate student or research student enrolled at a University, a Junior College or at Kagoshima National College of Technology in Kagoshima Prefecture.
(2) You must purchase the 'Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan' from Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.

Type of Residence

In principle, accommodation must be provided by a real estate agency that holds membership of The Kagoshima Real Estate Transaction Association and adheres to its policies.

Joint Guarantee

For the contract between you as tenant and your landlord, the association signs as a joint guarantor for the terms below for the maximum of one year. If you decide to re-contract, you must purchase the above mentioned insurance again.

(1) Default of rent payment and charges for delay
(2) Expenditure incurred for restoring accommodation to its original status at the time of moving out. e.g.) new tatami mats, etc.
(3) Cost of disposal of household articles at the time of returning home.

Contract Document

Applicants for this procedure must use the contract form provided by the association in the case of signing a contract with the landlord.

Necessary Documents

- Contract for renting accommodation (3 forms)
- Photocopy of student identification card
- Photocopy of alien registration card (both front and back)
- Photocopy of the receipt for the comprehensive renter's insurance.

Inquiries & Application

Kagoshima International Association

c/o Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens Exchange Center
1F 14-50 Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima City, 892-0816
Phone: 099-221-6620
Fax: 099-221-6643