Event Report

CIR Culture Seminar and Promotion
of Regional Internationalisation
16th Bistro Exchange Festival at Yusui Town

Two prefectural CIRs and one Kagoshima International Association (KIA) staff attended the 16th Bistro Exchange Festival held at Kurino Chuo Community Centre, Yusui town, on 2 March 2014 (Sunday).

Date / Time

2 March 2014 (Sunday) / 17:30 HRS ~ 19:30 HRS


2F Large Hall, Kurino Chuo Community Centre, Yusui Town
433-1 Yonenaga, Yusui-cho, Aira-gun


Han Yoon Ho (Kagoshima Prefectural CIR from South Korea)
Xu Yuan Shao, Kennard (Kagoshima Prefectural CIR from Singapore)


Yusui Town International Exchange Association

This year, two of our prefectural CIRs participated in the Bistro festival and shared recipes of their respective home country food with the volunteer participants. While cooking, they mingled with the locals, speaking about the differences between Kagoshima and their home country, as well as teaching the locals a few simple words in their home language. During the main festival, the CIRs introduced their home cooking to the visitors and entertained them with live music performance. The KIA staff also promoted the activities and events (organised by the KIA) to the foreigner participants.

Singaporean Kaya Jam
Answering questions on South Korea
Foreigner self introduction and introduction of food from their country (11 dishes from 9 countries)
Live accompaniment by the CIR from Singapore during the Foreigner Singing Competition
Korean Jangdok and Nutmeg tea
South American music live performance by Los Ponchos