Event Report

Regional International Promotion Project
& Cultural Introductions by Prefectural CIRS
[ Kagoshima, Hioki City's 19th Marugoto Ijuin Festival ]


7 December, 2013 (Saturday), 10:00AM - 3:00PM


Hioki City Ijuin Athletic Park (Hioki City)


Kagoshima International Association Staff (3) & Kagoshima Prefectural Coordinators of International Relations (2, Singapore CIR and America CIR)


Roughly 100 - 150 participants


Hioki City, Hioki City International Affairs Division, Hioki City Commercial & Industries Association, JA Satsuma Hioki Ijuin Division

As part of the Regional International Promotion Project and the Cultural Introductions by carried out by the Prefectural CIRs, on December 7, 2013 (Saturday), Hioki City hosted a festival at the Ijuin Athletic Park, the 19th Marugoto Ijuin Festival, and the Kagoshima International Association together with Hioki City ran an international booth.
At the International Exchange Booth, the Hioki City Malaysia CIR prepared a game called "Chonka", the Hioki City S. Korea CIR prepared traditional musical instrument demonstrations, traditional outfits were made available to try on, panels of each country were displayed, and pamphlets distributed. The Kagoshima International Association promoted the "International Residents Japanese Speech Contest" to be held in January, and there were activities prepared such as a Singaporean "True or False" quiz , a "Hand-knit Hawaiian Lei" activity, a world greetings stamp rally, and an international stamp bookmarkers activity.
The "Hand-knit Hawaiian Lei" activity was not only quite popular among the children but also the adults and everyone seemed to take care to concentrate on making their leis. The Singaporean "True or False" quiz included questions on a laptop regarding topics such as education and religious beliefs. The children answered, "I think it's 'True'," with great excitement. During the international stamp bookmarkers activity, participants enjoyed the stamps and considering things like, "This stamp looks like an Olympics stamp. What country could it be?
On the day of the event the weather was good and many participants stopped by the booth for a visit. The event was a good opportunity for people to come learn about language and the home countries of the Coordinators for International Relations, Singapore and Hawaii, USA, and to feel close.

Kagoshima International Association Booth
International Booths
Hand-knit Hawaiian Leis
Hand-knit Hawaiian Leis
World Greetings and World Stamp Bookmarks
Making Bookmarkers with International Stamps
Playing the "Singapore True or False" Quiz
Staff of the International Booths