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Prefectural CIR Cooking & Culture Class
"Personal Development Seminar" in Makurazaki〜Report〜

On November 11, 2011 (Fri) Kagoshima prefectural CIR Kennard Xu participated in the “Personal Development Seminar” sponsored by the Makurazaki City Hall Planning Division at Makurazaki Shiroyama Center.


November 11, 2011(Fri)11:00~14:50


Makurazaki Shiroyama Center(Makurazaki-shi, Sakurayama-cho 256-1)


Kennard Xu(Kagoshima Prefectural CIR from Singapore)


12 participants (11 female, 1 male)

The “Personal Development Seminars” are part of an ongoing series hosted by the Makurazaki City Hall Planning Division. Two years ago, they invited the Chinese CIR, then the South Korean CIR last year, and this year Mr. Kennard Xu from Singapore.
All participants made Hainan Chicken Rice (a signature dish of Singapore), enjoyed a pleasant taste-testing time, and learned more about Singaporean culture through Mr. Xu’s presentation.

Click here for the Chicken Rice recipe→
The instructor held the group’s undivided attention with photographs and music as he explained the history, lifestyle, and multi-ethnic characteristics of his home country, as well as the appeal of Singapore as a highly developed, modern tourist destination, and even the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which has been a hot topic of conversation in Japan since the release of an on-location SMAP commercial.
In both Singapore and Japan, the average age of marriage and the rate of two-income households is increasing. Singapore has a gender equal merit-based system with about the same number of men and women in management positions. Women and men also have a similar potential to advance in society, and due to the large number of two-income households there are many cases of families employing a maid to do house chores. When the housewives in the audience heard all this, they took interest and started asking many questions.
The participants became more familiar with Singapore by speaking directly to the instructor, seeing pictures, and asking questions. The participants also taught the CIR some phrases in Makurazaki dialect. It was a great opportunity for exchange.

The instructor visited each table, answering questions and helping with the cooking.
The instructor talked about Singapore and participants asked plenty of questions.

Feedback from the participants (excerpts)