Event Report

Pakistani Culture Class in English

The KIA recently held the first public international understanding class this year.


September 17, 2011 (Sat) 2pm ~4pm


Kagoshima Citizens Exchange Center 1F Kagoshima International Association meeting room


Ms. Maria Zulfiqar (exchange student at Kagoshima University)


9 (2 men, 7 women)

Contents and a word from the organizer

Ms. Maria, the instructor, delivered her presentation in traditional Pakistani dress. After explaining Pakistani food, clothes, and houses, she even introduced World Heritage Sites and special products. Everyone was very excited to practice their English listening skills. The participants asked all sorts of questions and used this rare opportunity to learn more about Pakistan.
After Ms. Maria explained henna techniques and gave some examples, everyone tried creating their own patterns and designs on a sheet of paper. The participants chatted with one another and the instructor, creating a harmonious exchange atmosphere.

Comments from the participants (Excerpts)

A presentation about Pakistan
Chatting and enjoying henna