Event Report

Chinese Cultural Seminar
Let's Try Chinese Paper-Cutting!

This is the last public cross-cultural understanding seminar of the fiscal year 2010.

Date and Time

12 February 2011 (Sat), 14:00~16:15


Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens Exchange Center 1F, Kagoshima International Association Conference Room


Ms. Li Mei (from China)


16 participants (4 males, 12 females, and one of whom is a secondary school student)

Contents of the Seminar and Comments from the Lecturer

16 participants gathered on a cold, snowy day for this last public cross-cultural understanding seminar of the fiscal year 2010.

The seminar began by introducing the history of Chinese paper-cutting. According to the lecturer Ms. Li, paper-cutting is part of the marriage preparation for wives-to-be in ancient China. Women who can perform the expected duties of a wife, which includes paper-cutting, are highly-regarded. Today, Chinese paper-cutting is officially registered as an intangible cultural heritage of the nation.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed the session, where they learnt about this rare art-form from a native Chinese lecturer. It definitely helped them gain a deeper insight to Chinese culture.

Feedback from the participants (excerpt)

[Lecturer is the fourth person from the left] The participants made five different types of designs. The class became quiet once everyone started work.
[Lecturer is the fourth person from the right] Everyone gathered for a group picture with their artwork - a new-found hobby!