Event Report

Cooking in English
 "America's Bright Red Cake!?"


January 22, 2011 (Sat) 2~4:50pm


Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens Exchange Center 5th floor Cooking Room


Rachel Anna Seaman (Kagoshima Prefectural CIR from the United States)


22 participants (3 men, 19 women; including one junior high school student)

Contents and a greeting from the organizer

At previous cultural introduction courses, many participants voiced their desire to participate in an English cooking class. In response, we hosted the very first "Cooking in English" lesson.

This time we made American Red Velvet Cake, a bright red cake which is popular at celebrations and special events throughout the United States. During this cooking class, the participants not only learned how to make the cake, but also learned about the cake's history and American culinary culture from the instructor.

The participants enjoyed the cooking and were excited to see the bright red dough and watch it rising in the oven. Each table used a different amount of red food coloring, so everyone compared the various colors, exclaiming "Wow, so pretty!", "The cupcakes aren't very sweet at all, but when you combine them with the sugary frosting it's just right", and "I bet my kids would love this". The best part was tasting the fresh-baked red velvet cupcakes!

This event was a great opportunity for Kagoshima residents currently studying English and those who have few chances to practice what they learned years ago to chat casually in English together while cooking. Furthermore, participants were newly motivated to improve their own English ability. The staff heard many people say "Please do more events like this one!" including those on the waiting list who unfortunately were not able to participate this time. The staff realized once again how interested the local citizens are in English conversation and international exchange activities. Click here to see the recipe(recipe.pdf)

Feedback from the Participants(Excerpts)

【Instructor: third from the left】 Stirring up some red cake batter
The finished product: a beautiful contrast of red and white! The cupcakes were served with coffee, which made for a lovely afternoon snack.