Outline of the Association

The Association is a public service corporation established in cooperation with Kagoshima Prefecture, municipalities and the local business community.
In January 1990 we received recognition from the Minister of Home Affairs as a ‘regional internationalization association’ – a central body for international exchange. Having been entrusted with the management and operations of the International Exchange Plaza since July 1990, and that of Kagoshima Asia-Pacific Intercultural Countryside (KAPIC) Center between April 1994 and March 2006, we organize a variety of projects to promote international exchange. On 1 April 2012, Kagoshima International Association was recognized by Kagoshima Prefecture as a public interest incorporated foundation, and thus we took another step forward in our journey towards promoting regional international exchange.

Our Mission

The Association aims to actively promote international exchange with various countries at the local level, as well as international cooperation. We also aim to help local residents deepen their level of international understanding, hoping to nurture this regional society into one that is vibrant and internationalized.

About the Association

Kagoshima International Association (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)
PresidentMr Yuichiro Ito, Governor of Kagoshima Prefecture
ChairmanMr Yoshitaro Iwasaki, Chairman of Kagoshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry


c/o Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens Exchange Center
1F 14-50 Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima City
Tel: 099-221-6620
Fax: 099-221-6643

Outline of Main Projects

  1. International Understanding
    Running the International Exchange Plaza, organizing projects and providing relevant information

  2. International Exchange
    Dispatch and hosting of youth exchange groups from countries and regions that have exchange ties with Kagoshima, promoting interaction with foreign residents in Kagoshima, tie-up and support for organizations dealing with international exchange, registration and utilization of volunteer interpreters and host families, passport service

  3. Multiculturalism
    Organizing Japanese language/culture classes and seminars to promote multicultural understanding, consultation for foreign residents and suchlike

  4. International Cooperation
    Supporting foreign students, promoting understanding of international cooperation, supporting relevant organizations

Record of Activities (FY2006)
Record of Activities (FY2007)
Record of Activities (FY2008)
Record of Activities (FY2009)
Record of Activities (FY2010)
Record of Activities (FY2011)
Record of Activities (FY2012)

History of the Association

September 1927
1 February 1955
5 November 1955
27 April 1987
January 1990
July 1990
April 1994
April 2003
1 April 2012
Kagoshima Prefecture Emigrants Cooperative is established (dissolved on 1 April 1950)
Kagoshima Overseas Association (private organization) is established
Kagoshima Overseas Association becomes an incorporated foundation
Changes name to Kagoshima International Association
Receives recognition as a regional internationalization association from the Minister of Home Affairs
International Exchange Plaza is set up in the I'M Bldg.
Kagoshima Asia-Pacific Intercultural Countryside Center opens
Kagoshima International Association moves to Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens Exchange Center
Receives recognition as a public interest incorporated foundation

Information Disclosure (in Japanese)

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Kagoshima International Plaza (Yamashita-cho, Kagoshima City)